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Kimuchu Complex, Limuru
3rd Floor
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Nairobi, Kenya


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Conservation Ethos

We are committed to ensuring that our safaris support wildlife and biodiversity conservation. Our guides have been involved in various conservation initiatives in Kenya including the annual water bird census conducted by the National Museums of Kenya, Nature Kenya and the Kenya Wildlife Service. Some of our lead guides like Peter Wairasho was the vice chairman of the Youth Committee of Nature Kenya (the East Africa Natural History Society) from 2007 to 2011.
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Eco Tourism

Our safaris only support camps, lodges and hotels that are operated sustainably with minimal negative impacts on the environment. We also strive to support local communities by working closely with local guides and locally-owned eco-tourismenterprises.

About us

Our Guides

All our tours are accompanied by one or more professional guides with the knowledge and experience to make the tour wholly successful. Our guides know their areas thoroughly and take pride in showing those who travel with them the local specialties.


Below are some of our guides;

Born and brought up in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya at the proximity of the World`s City Park, Nairobi National Park, Peter Wairasho is a renowned safari guide in the region. His frequent visits to this park, local museums and various leadership roles in school Wildlife Clubs, triggered his passion for nature at a tender age. He is a trained Safari / Bird Guide, whose engagement in several ornithological research and safaris under freelance capacity has earned him intimate knowledge of the African wilderness, be it the Flora or Fauna including the Big 5, Small 5, Avian World, among others. His devotion to the avian world always puts him on the frontline of the Bi-annual Waterfowl counts.

Moreover he engages in Bird Ringing/Banding with the Nairobi Ringing Group and in Tsavo West National Park with other International Bird ringers. He is part of the Raptor Road Survey Team under the Peregrine Fund and the Raptor Working Group of Nature Kenya. He has served as the Kenya Bird Map Project Assistant, a project that is mapping the distributions of Kenya’s bird species since the year 2013, and he continues to contribute data and administrative support to the project to date. He has also helped run the Fundamentals of Ornithology course, in the past, which trains both amateur and professional birders from Kenya and other African countries. As an all rounded naturalist, he’s enriched his knowledge by taking several courses on Ethnography, Natural History, Prehistory, Herpetology, Ornithology, among others. He is a Co-author of ‘Being A Bird’ and currently holds a Bronze level badge with the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association 

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Our transport vehicles are customized to give more leg room and ample of headspace. Extra-large windows and windscreens improve all round game viewing and room for those with cameras with big lenses, tripods and binoculars
· The best 4x4 vehicles·       
Land Rovers / Toyota Land Cruisers/Tour vans/Shuttle buses/
·Customized and modern
·Extra leg & head room
· Ideal for Game drives, Birding and Photography
· Highly trained certified guides
· Fully equipped vehicles
· VHF Radio & GSM back-up

The rides
landcruiser 7 seater
22-26 seater bus

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