April 11, 2024
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An overview of the extensive 26-day Ultimate Birding Trip.

TwinSpot Tours offers an extraordinary 26-day Ultimate Birding Trip, providing avid birdwatchers with a comprehensive exploration of East Africa’s rich avian diversity. This extensive tour encompasses diverse habitats across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, showcasing a remarkable array of bird species.

The journey begins in Nairobi and spans iconic destinations such as Maasai Mara, Kakamega Forest, Mount Kenya, Shaba National Reserve, Samburu Game Reserve, and more. Participants will traverse varied landscapes, from lush forests to expansive savannahs, encountering both endemic and migratory birds. The itinerary also includes essential birding hotspots like Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, and the renowned Serengeti National Park.

With expert guides, participants will have the opportunity to spot elusive species like the Shoebill Stork, African Crowned Eagle, and countless others. This immersive experience not only focuses on birdwatching but also allows for interactions with diverse ecosystems and wildlife. TwinSpot Tours ensures a seamless and enriching journey for bird enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled adventure in East Africa.

Ten Must-Visit Birding Destinations Included in The Itinerary.

Amboseli National Park (Kenya):

Known for its stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is a paradise for birdwatchers with diverse habitats attracting a variety of species.

Nyungwe Forest National Park (Rwanda):

Home to over 300 bird species, Nyungwe offers a rich birding experience, including the chance to spot the elusive Shoebill.

Lake Nakuru National Park (Kenya):

Famous for its flamingos, Lake Nakuru is a haven for water birds, including pelicans, cormorants, and a variety of raptors.

Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda):

With over 600 bird species, including the iconic African Fish Eagle, Queen Elizabeth National Park provides diverse birding opportunities.

Tarangire National Park (Tanzania):

Not only renowned for its elephants, Tarangire hosts a plethora of birdlife, from colorful bee-eaters to majestic vultures.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park (Uganda):

Home to the endangered mountain gorillas and a variety of Albertine Rift endemics, Bwindi offers a unique birding and primate-watching experience.

Serengeti National Park (Tanzania):

While famous for the Great Migration, the Serengeti is also home to an array of bird species, from ostriches to secretary birds.

Rugezi Swamp (Rwanda):

A haven for wetland birds, Rugezi Swamp is home to species like the Papyrus Gonolek and Lesser Jacana, offering a unique birding experience.

Akagera National Park (Rwanda):

Known for its scenic landscapes and diverse birdlife, Akagera is a must-visit destination for birdwatchers, with a chance to spot the elusive Shoebill.

Arusha National Park (Tanzania):

A great starting point with a variety of habitats, Arusha National Park offers a chance to see birds like the Hartlaub’s Turaco and African Crowned Eagle.

Logistics, Accommodations, And Travel Tips for Extensive Trips.

Accommodations during the extensive birding tour in East Africa, covering Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, ensure a comfortable and rejuvenating experience. The tour operators, Twinspot Tours, collaborate with reputable hotels and lodges. These accommodations range from cozy lodges nestled within national parks like those in Nyungwe Forest or Volcanoes National Park to well-appointed hotels in major cities like Nairobi and Kigali. The lodgings offer a blend of natural serenity and modern amenities, allowing participants to unwind after a day of birdwatching.

Logistics for the tour are efficiently managed by Twinspot Tours, ensuring seamless transitions between destinations. Transportation includes comfortable road trips between parks, allowing participants to soak in the scenic beauty of East Africa. Guides, well-versed in local flora and fauna, lead birding excursions, enhancing the overall experience.

Travel Tips:

Binoculars and Cameras:

Essential for birdwatching, good quality binoculars and cameras with zoom lenses enhance your experience and help capture memorable moments.


Pack lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for the tropical climates. A hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent are advisable.


Comfortable walking shoes are crucial for birding excursions, especially in forests and reserves.


Ensure passports, visas, and any required permits are up-to-date. Carry a printed or digital itinerary for easy reference.

Health Precautions:

Consult a healthcare professional for any necessary vaccinations or health precautions before the trip.

Birding Gear:

Bring a bird guidebook specific to the region and consider a birding journal to document your sightings.

Flexible Itinerary:

Embrace the unpredictability of birdwatching; be open to changes in the itinerary based on bird sightings and local conditions.

By considering these aspects, participants can make the most of their birding adventure while enjoying comfortable accommodations and seamless logistics.

Embark on the ultimate birding adventure with Twinspot Tours in East Africa. Explore diverse habitats, spot rare species, and create unforgettable memories. Birding enthusiasts, this is your chance to soar!

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