Twinspot Tours & Travel provides and offers quality birding tours in East Africa that meet the clients’ expectations and needs, while adhering to the highest professional standards and ethics. We strive to achieve the above by providing custom made and affordable birding packages for our esteemed client by using our in-depth knowledge of the region to create exciting and glitch-free tours. Our company has set itself apart from the rest by committing to provide ecologically sustainable birding tourism that enhances environmental & cultural understanding and appreciation of nature conservation. Kenya has one of the richest avifauna in Africa with over 1,100 species recorded. Around 170 of these are Palearctic migrants and at least a further 60 are intra-Africa migrants. Some 230 species are entirely forest dependent and 110 require undisturbed habitat. Indeed Kenya can justifiably be described as a mecca for birders. Whether you are a new or regular visitor to East Africa, an ornithologist or a traveler with a passing interest in birds, Kenya should be high on your list of priorities to visit. Our birding itineraries specialize on endemics, hard to find bird species and ranges from 1 to 26 Days. Not only are Twinspot Tours & Travels’ guides highly skilled at finding and identifying birds but they are also friendly, competent and confident in their duties. Our guides’ enthusiasm is infectious and whether you are a beginner or more experienced, millennials or old, we are happy to take time so you can enjoy the tour.

Kenya Birding Tours


26 Days Birdwatching Safari In Kenya

All about the 26 Days Birdwatching Safari in Kenya.

Covering Magadi Road, Thika Samburu Game Reserve, Mt.Kenya, Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Kongelai Escarpment, Saiwa Swamp, Kakamega Forest, Busia, Kisumu,


Ngong Road Forest Day Birding

Ngong Forest Sanctuary is one of only very few forests in the world that exists within a city. Only 6
kilometers from Nairobi's central business district, the forest is a


Nairobi National Park Day Birding

All about the Nairobi National Park Day Birding.
Nairobi National Park is the oldest Park in Kenya with over 60 years old and only 10km from the capital city, with a size of 117km2, alt.

Kenya Wildlife Tours

East Africa is the most unique and exciting tour destination on the planet for wildlife viewing, offering a modern, stylish experience in a relatively unspoiled environment. East Africa is the last refuge on earth for teeming herds of plentiful wildlife species roaming free against the backdrop of wide open savannah grasslands, forests, woodlands, snowcapped mountains and sandy beaches. From the big five to the small five, Kenya’s game parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas host some of the wildest game thus the reason why this is home for the safari. Dotted in their unique landscapes, geographical features, a vast array of game ensues. The icing on Kenya’s wildlife cake is the annual Wildebeest Migration at the infamous Maasai Mara migration between mid-August and late October. This is the best example of wild nature at its best as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Topi and Elands. Seeing the “Big Five” in the wild is one of the most memorable things one can ever experience. In particular the Maasai Mara National Reserve is famous for the incredible possibilities seeing the Big Five up close. The term “Big Five” is reminiscent of the old safari hunting days. The name is not derived from the size of the animals as many people believe. Rather, these five animals proved to be the five animals that were the most difficult to hunt on foot. While hunting is still legal in few African countries, the majority of the ‘shooting’ nowadays is done with cameras.


3 Days Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara National Reserve is situated in south-west Kenya and is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves. Together with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania it forms Africa’s most diverse, incredible and most


10 Days Safari & Beach Tour Of Kenya

On this magnificent vacation to Kenya, visit the best and remarkable game reserves to see Giraffe, Zebra, leopard, Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Gazelle, Hyena and much more. All in their natural


Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

The Ol Donyo Sabuk mountain, also known as Kilimambogo or Buffalo Mountain, situated about 85km north-east of Nairobi, and about 25km east of Thika town.  It covers an area of


The Great Wildebeest Migration

About The Migration
The stage on which this show is set is loosely termed the Serengeti Ecosystem, about 40, 000 square kilometers pretty much defined by the dominant migration routes


Wildlife Safaris

East Africa is the most unique and exciting tour destination on the planet for wildlife viewing, offering a modern, stylish experience in a relatively unspoiled environment. East Africa is the

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