Team Building Packages

Covers group focused activities and a wealth of exclusive experiences for people with common interests, and occupations.

Twinspot Tours and Travel provides a variety of team building activities specifically catered to your company objectives.

Team building is all about improving skills, boosting team morale through fun yet challenging activities and most importantly, strengthening the bonds and sense of teamwork and unity within your organization. And here at Twinspot Tours and Travel, we work hand-in-hand with your company to provide the best team building experiences for your staff.

Whether you are looking to achieve better team bonding, increasing your team’s spirit, injecting work motivation or simply hoping to break the ice within your team, we at Twinspot Tours and Travels are ready to assist you towards your goals. You can opt to organize your team building event locally or overseas – just tell us what you have in mind and we will make the necessary arrangements for you, from booking the venue for hosting your activities, taking care of transportation needs, to providing meals for team building participants. The size of your team building group can be as small as 30 pax up to 300 pax at a time. We do provide in-house team building instructors or coordinators who are fun people experienced enough to facilitate your event and keep your team spirits up throughout your team building adventures.


Team Building Activities

You can include some popular games in your team-building activities such as treasure hunt, Food hunter, Minefield, and more. Each game is designed to provide the ideal opportunity for your team members to improve on their teamwork and communication, apart from enjoying themselves out there!

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