Lake Elementaita & Otutu Hills Day Trip

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Lake Elementaita (derived from the Maasai word, muteita meaning “dust place”) is a beautiful soda lake in the Great Rift Valley, located some 130 km from Nairobi, between Lake Nakuru and L. Naivasha. The lake is Kenya’s latest Ramsar site having attained the status in 2005 and also another prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. Standing at an altitude of 1775 – 1959 meters above sea level, this unique soda lake fluctuates between 19 and 22km2 which offer visitors the opportunity to walk very close to the famed flamingos, pelicans and other water bird life. It is a sanctuary for over a dozen threatened bird species and home to the highest bird diversities in the world

Otutu Hills (twins in Maa language) are among the many attractions around Lake Elementaita the gentle gradient can be managed by any age group


Scenic landscape of the Sleeping Warrior hill, Soysambu Conservancy, Eburu Forest, Aberdares Ranges, Birds (450 bird species recorded) and Elementaita hot springs


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