Mau Eburu Forest Trip

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Mau Eburu forest is one of the 22 gazette forest blocks that comprise the vast 420,000 hectare Mau Forest Complex, within Kenya’s Rift Valley. The Eburu forest area covers 8715.3 hectares (87 square kms) of pristine indigenous forest, nestled in the folds of a 2,820 meters high active mountain overlooking Lake Naivasha to the South East, Lake Elementaita to the North and Lake Nakuru to the North West. The Mau Eburu Forest may be among the smallest of these islands, but its biological diversity and function as a key water catchment have motivated the likes of the Rhino Ark to protect it. Now, with the completion of a perimeter fence in 2014, the forest is better protected. The forest covers the slopes of Mount Eburu, a volcanic massif with two prominent peaks. Eastern Eburu is still geologically active, with numerous hot-springs and steam-jets that spit from fissures in its flanks. Western Eburu was formed thousands of years before its neighbor, but their summits sit just 5km apart, separated by a steep ridge, options of trekking to each summit, visitors can brave the Deep Valley Trail, which explores the upper reaches of the Ndabibi River Valley, south of the Western Summit. Dense forest-clad cliffs and a spectacular waterfall make for a very scenic hike as well as being recognized as the most important “hotspot” for birdlife on the Mau Highlands, birding is always productive the forest is home to 10 per cent of the global wild population of the critically endangered Mountain Bongo
The forest forms part of the catchments for Lakes Naivasha and Elementaita, with several ground springs, and is the source of Ndabibi River and other small streams. 

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