Nairobi National Park Day Birding

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All about the Nairobi National Park Day Birding.

Nairobi National Park is the oldest Park in Kenya with over 60 years old and only 10km from the capital city, with a size of 117km2, alt. 1500 to 1700 meters above sea level. It is one of the most visited Park by Birdwatchers both local and foreign. More than 500 Bird species have been recorded in the park, The Park has many different Habitats, with each containing various species of Birds. Habitats are as follows; Acacia dominated woodland, Riverine& Scrub, Dams, Rivers and Wetlands, Evergreen Forest, Gorges, Open Grasslands, The Park has four of the Big Five, Also the Herbivores have their own migration to plains adjacent to the park and also Amboseli National Park. Bird Checklist: Maasai Ostrich, Helmeted Guineafowl, Coqui Francolin, Harlequin Quail , White faced Whistling Duck, Spur winged Goose, Pygmy Falcon, Lanner Falcon, White backed, Ruppell’s, Egyptian, Lappet faced Vultures, Bateleur, Tawny Eagle, Martial, Long crested, Crowned Eagles, Kori, White bellied, Black bellied, Hartlaub’s Bustards, African Finfoot, Great Painted Snipe, Yellow throated Sandgrouse, Namaqua Dove, African Green Pigeon, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Jacobin & Levaillant’s  Cuckoos, Spotted Eagle Owl. The Park was on news recently a bird (Violet – tipped Courser or Brown winged Courser) seen 30 years ago was spotted by a group of renowned ornithologists on a birding tour (2016)


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