Ol Donyo Orok Mountain

  • Ol-Doinyo-Orok-Mountain-Kenya

The Ol Donyo Orok Mountain also called Namanga Hills is situated in southern Kenya to the Tanzanian border in the Namanga Division. The mountain is a stretched triangular shape, almost like an arrow pointing north. The short side faces the Tanzanian border (and one corner actually crosses). The highest peak is 2548 m.


Namanga Hills, Mt. Longido, Mt. Meru, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Wildlife in the surrounding.
Hiking, Birding, Sight-seeing.
The boulder strewn Namanga River cuts a deep gorge through the mountain, and spots caves used by Maasai morans in some of their rituals. At some places higher up, trails open up into clearings from where views of the town below, the distant Mt Longido, and Mt Kilimanjaro about 65km away are a sight to behold.


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